In 1998 Sharma group has entered in global market by establishing a jewellery & stones company “Sharma Group Worldwide” which was involving manufacturing and selling the jewellery ornaments.

In 2000 group has launched own brand ” Savoia Gioielli” by keeping the growing demand and quality standards of its products In Italy.

Sharma group has reached to a stage where gold & silver’s purity is known by Sharma’s name Group has a collection of stunning elegance and captivating originality. Designs that bring glamour to your life and will be cherished always. Sharma Group name has been the benchmark of excellence in fine jewellery.

Sharma Group designs have an imaginative flair that draws on classic techniques but translates into uniquely imaginative jewellery of the highest quality,renowned for a lightness of touch that is both modern and timeless.

“Savoia Gioielli” one of the kind jewellery sought-after by the richest of the world with the help of well skilled labour, technicians and highly skilled and experienced managers.

“Savoia Gioielli” jewellery is a status symbol for the High profile because it is appealing and eye catching to everyone. It enchances the true beauty of womens this is why it is popular throughout the world from Italy to USA.

Sharma Group Worldwide: precious and semi-precious stones

Dianoor Star: certified diamonds

Moon Pearl: Pearls from Japan, Thaiti and Australia

Savoia Gioielli: refined jewelry

Jewel & Gold Palace

Savoiafashion: Lifestyle accessories


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